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About us

Arteel Ventures was established in 2010 to manage Arteel Holding private equity investments. Arteel Ventures is a fully independent and invests from its balance sheet. As an investment vehicle, we are focused on innovative early stage start-ups with capable management team and disruptive idea in areas of internet, mobile device based services and solutions. We make investments between 25.000 – 150.000 €.

Arteel Ventures is not a fund, so we don’t have a need to stamp any sell before dates to company we invest in. We invest not only equity but also our time, knowledge and network to the use of our portfolio companies. Our investment approach is active and hands-on, as is our approach to ownership. We believe in independence, openness and clarity when partnering with entrepreneur-driven management teams.

  • Duunitori

    Duunitori is a Finnish job board and recruiting media, that gathers all the jobs in one place. Duunitori manages hundreds of communities in social media and partner sites delivering useful career advice and thousands of jobs to the relevant audiences.

    Duunitori helps recruiters and hiring managers to reach the best candidates by utilizing its job advertising network and social media campaigns.

    Duunitori has become one of the largest recruitment media verticals in Finland during the last two years. Every month 4M job ads are being read on Duunitori.fi, which also holds a community of 400 000 followers in various social media channels.

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  • Pelago

    Pelago is a bicycle company born out of local cyclists’ needs and demand for new bicycles for daily transport and alternative travel. The company contributes to cycling with functional, aesthetic and strong products. We are rooted in the Helsinki pavement, but approach cycling from greater context. It is a logic and positive option compared to other vehicles for urban traffic. Regardless of style and speed, the bike is a practical, economic and efficient method to experience the surroundings and move around in the urban environment.

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  • Capitalize
  • Ezyinsights
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  • Tellybean

    For those special moments, life sized video calling the big screen TV. All in the comfort of your living room, it’s almost like being there. Tellybean video calling is designed for the best possible TV video calling experience.

    It works on LG Smart TVs and all Android TV devices, including Smart TVs and set-top boxes. No webcam needed!

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  • Zero Keyboard

    Zero Keyboard makes data entry into Salesforce fast and easy. It enables users to log calls, create leads, scan business cards, collect information, manage tasks, calendar events, and more on the go, even offline, without typing. Zero Keyboard is the perfect companion for Salesforce users. The company was founded in 2013, in Helsinki, Finland and has an office in Palo Alto, California.

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  • IndoorAtlas

    Our vision is to create a seamless indoor world that is discoverable for people and businesses around the world.

    We want to make every mobile app in the world location aware - in every building in the world. We want everyone to be able to discover the indoor world around them, wherever they are. The only way we can do this is to make our technology available to every app developer, no matter what size, market or interest. That’s exactly what we’re doing. All of our tools are freely available. It is only when you reach a size where your app could be considered a commercially validated concept with a regular audience, that our pricing service becomes relevant to you.

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  • Singa

    Singa perustettiin tekemään karaokelle, mitä Netflix on tehnyt elokuville ja Spotify musiikille - päivittämään ja mullistamaan kokonainen ala. Kuluttajille tarjoamme helpoimman tavan laulaa karaokea missä ja milloin tahansa, millä tahansa laitteella. Kaupallisille toimijoille tarjoamme aidosti modernin karaokeratkaisun, jota vastaavaa ei markkinoilta löydy.

    Pohjimmiltamme olemme teknologiayhtiö ja vahvasti keskittyneitä tarjoamaan parhaan mahdollisen laulukokemuksen. Ainutlaatuinen tuotefokuksemme, palvellen sekä kuluttaja- että ammattilaismarkkinoita, yhdistettynä syvään alan kokemukseemme, asettaa meidät ainutlaatuiseen asemaan kehittyä maailman johtavaksi brändiksi 15 miljardin dollarin globaalilla markkinalla.

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  • SayDuck

    The adventure began in 2012, with the idea that one day, Augmented Reality would become so normal that it would be everywhere, mixing the virtual with the real. We thought that this technology could help the furniture industry, both people trying to find the right furniture for their home and people selling their creations. This is how it all began.

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  • Zapflow

    Zapflow is a power tool for professional investors purpose-built for deal flow, deal and portfolio management. It gives you more control, helps make better decisions and save you tons of time & stress.

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  • Robin
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  • Epic

    Epic is the next-generation food delivery network. Our mission is to make the best everyday foods for delivery, with the smartest delivery in town. We cook with quality and taste –and leverage technology and new biz models to deliver your meals in 26 minutes (that delivery time is an average, food is not). Replace your kitchen, and try us at epic.fi.

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  • Kama International
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  • TalentAdore

    Our Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is an amazing tool that touches people’s hearts. It integrates Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based communication technologies and advanced automation.

    The VRA empowers you to give 100 % personalised status updates and feedback messages to each job candidate — individually and with no extra time. You can handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions and to measuring employer brand in real time. You can also build your own talent pipeline.

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  • City Digital

    City on kaupunkikulttuuriin ja viihteeseen keskittyvä mediaperhe, jossa lukijoille relevantteja sisältöjä tuottavat itsenäiset mediat.

    Tarjoamme mainostajalle sekä ravintoloille helpon ja tehokkaan välineen pysäyttää ihmisen, joka ei koskaan pysähdy.

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  • MealLogger

    MealLogger is a digitial nutrition coaching platform for health and fitness professionals. Our clients range from pro sports organizations to insurance carriers and health care systems to individual dietitians. To learn me, check out www.meallogger.com.

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Working model

We invest in seed and early stage companies, which are based in Scandinavia or Baltic countries. We focus on the management team with competence to build world class companies. Company has to have strong focus on R&D, knowledge on Lean Methodology and it should own its core technology.

When evaluating potential investments, we estimate whether the entrepreneurs has what it takes to grow idea to full size business. On idea side, the target company should offer solution for existing problem that is know in the industry.

At Arteel Ventures we believe Learn -> Build -> Measure cycle is the most efficient way to build start-up companies. That’s why we are really interested how company has build its analytics, how it collects user feedback and how this information is used on the company.

Arteel Ltd. - Pursimiehenkatu 26-30 B 00150 Helsinki +358 41 462 0530